your thoughts please?


I've been offered a job as a junior partner is a small investment firm, specialising in trading Forex, I am 17 and I am been offered jobs!!
I will also have to liaise with clients etc.
I am contemplating accepting it, if I accept I will never earn as much as I would do on my own. Although I could gain vital experience without risking my own capital, what are your thoughts should I accept or continue to trade for myself?
Accept without a doubt :)

An income a chance to build up both your capital and your experience in the area you want to work in. At 17 you have all the time in the world.

Good luck
If you like the work, take it. You'll get invaluable experience and insights from the "old timers" (the 20 somethings in your case) that you'd never get working on your own.

You can always go independent if the corporate life doesn't agree with you. Fortunately, all you've learned will go with you.
Well that is what im thinking...

so looks like i could have a decent job by next month.

i eventually want to run my own investment company so, it will be good if i can get some experience interacting with other traders etc.

Thanks for your help

Take It Young Man


At 17 years of age you simply have to take opportunities like this as and when they come along. If you dont like it you can always quit but if you dont even try you may wonder for a long time just how it would have turned out. If I were you I would definitely take it.

Good Luck

Of course it is nice to take it. But if you want my advice, also consider getting an academic degree, perhaps BSc in Economy and then MBA would be very useful for your career and with all respect to non post graduated traders I think having a university degree will make a big big difference not only on your understanding of the market and improve in your performance but also it will change your attitude to better. Come on you are only 17 now and as you said before in your other messages you have your parents support.
What ever you do, very good luck to you and I wish you success.