Trainee Inter-dealer Broker Role


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I am very interested in a junior/trainee IDB role that is being offered by one of the large IDB firms. I am would very much appriciate any advice that could help me be successful in getting the job. I know why I want to do the job - I think I will be very good at it - working under pressure, multi-tasking, sales and teamwork.

I understand the role of the IDB and think that the environment and job would suit my personality and skills, and think this will come across well. I am 27, and have a fairly colourful CV. I have worked in stockbroking selling penny shares sucessfully, have run my own business, but my highest level of education is A levels and FSA SII exams.

My last job has been single handedly running a busy coffee/sandwich kiosk for 70+ hours per week, not the city I admit, but still required an amount of stamina. I'm intrigued as to how this will look on my CV.

If anyone could advice me on the best way to put myself forward for the job, or provide any good general advice (or look at my CV) I would really appriciate it and will return a favour if I can.
By the way - I used to contribute to the forum under the alias THE WOLF2222, but could not log in for some reason. Thanks again.