Yom Kippur


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Given that it is Yom Kippur on Monday.....

also, 30th anniversary of Egypt and Syria attacking Israel.....

also, 1st time in 20 years that Israel has attacked within Syria

Is there any way the Dow will close up?

Discuss :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


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5:30pm on a Sunday afternoon and the UN Security Council is in private session regarding the Middle East..... hardly conducive to a bullish day on Monday!!

Watch this space for me to be proved totally wrong!! :(


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I guess trading in the US will be thin- some Mondays are quite anyway, but with it being a Jewish holiday, I guess volume would be low- so need to be careful-

well mentioned, Dan


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whatever way you look at it - market's gonna tank big time .


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Whow, every body seems to agree that market is going to be weak!! Is this going to be one of those cruel days which will squeeze the shorts by opening up down but ending day at a new high??
We'll see?


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THe fact is it DOESNT matter which way the market goes. People who KNOW about trading JUST GO WITH MR MARKET. People who try to predict always get burnt.


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I live in an area with many jewish people. Usually, when taking kids to school, there is a heck of a lot of traffic, but all of last week was 40% less traffic. Today, there was 70% less traffic.

I wonder if similar case with Stock market?

Therefore, could it be that last weeks stock market rally was on low volume, so that when ALL the traders that were on holiday are back, they will SHORT like mad into this HI market, thereby leading to a mega-crash?

Any thoughts on above, anyone?


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Yep, mma, you were spot on....what a tanking today. :LOL:


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I wasn't in the market , but it still looks bad . dow up just 20 + , and dax close down , might be a bad week .
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