As most will know, I have been quiet of late as I have been working my balls off to pass my surgical exams. Well, I am pleased to say that I can use this excuse no longer - its done, finished, finito and passed! I have a life!! More importantly I can spend more time in my would-be aalternative profession!!!

I requested my copy of AIQ this morning!! A sign of how serious this is going to get!

Well Done, Mark..congratulations, I am so pleased for you, mate...and no more exam excuses, eh? :) I need some members back on board so I stop talking to myself :)

AIQ software


well done on your exams.

I would like to ask you about AIQ software.
I am just looking at starting day trade and it seems from talking to a few people AIQ seems the most popular.
Is there a way to test the software before you have to sign up?
Have you tried it before, how do you rate it?
Any comments on charting software would be useful.

It's a double celebration for us Trade2Winners. I've just found out i've got a 2:1! But the studying doesn't stop there! Murphy has just arrived on my doorstep so I'll have a bit of light reading to do in between job hunting! Congratulations Mark and hopefully we, along with our many other members, can improve the already excellent quality of this board with our posts. All the best


PS the above should read a treble (or should it be quadruple) celebration- congrats to Riz as well!
Hi Mark / Marty
Well done !!! Hope your trades are just as successful as your exams.
Good luck
Mark / Marty

Congratulations guys. Almost felt as excited as when I last passed an exam! We now have the benefit of more time from you both in applying your talents to share analysis, which you can share with the rest of us. Well done.
Congratulations guys.
Mark, just remember that your strict stop loss discipline only applies to trading and not your patients :)
Marty, now you can start making some dosh and get that season ticket at OT.

Thanks guys.....

Just like to thank you for the congratulations. And I would also like to offer my own to Marty and hill farmer for their success.

Monarch, sorry I have taken time to reply, but I needed to get aquainted with AIQ to be able to report. I do have it on a 30-day trial - without having to pay upfront - you only part with your cash when you go "live"! As a result, you can chart up to the present, but can only do analysis on past data - about 2 months ago. Just to give you a feel for it.

I can only compare with omnitrader. Omnitrader is a good introduction to TA. Similarly, if you are looking for a charting tool, its fine. However, its analysis lets it down. There is not enough flexibility to it. However, it is simple to set up and use, and I would certainly not rubbish it. However, I think it tries to "curve to fit" past data too much, leaving it unreliable on forward testing. Similarly, you cannot launch a hierarchial selection process i.e.
select all shares that satisfy A, from these select those that satisfy B etc. Rather, if it does not satisfy A or B, but satisfies criteria C, it will still pick it. Don't know how well that is explained.

AIQ was - and still is, more tricky to set up, and get going. However, that is because you are dealing with a much more powerful beast. I have had my frustrations and breakthroughs, but I am clear on one thing. Its marvellous, and I suspect that it will be everything I want it to be. The reporting facility is so powerful, let alone giving you the chance to write your own protocols. Similarly, the sector analysis is enviable.

In short, if you are going to use charts occassionally, omnitrader will suffice. However, if you intend to mainly use TA, and wish to work to devise your strategies, then I already think AIQ is the answer.

I cannot answer for metastock!!!

Hope that helps,

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Well done

Congratulations marty and mark.

mark can you help me with this pain in the backside and my achilles heal - FEAR!!!!

Fancied Fibernet strongly on Tuesday after slipping 12% but showing 88% bought b*****d MM's again.

3 days =+130p almost 50% Was I on - NO!!

I'm not sure there is any cure for this problem.

A nurse maybe??

Good Luck

Thanks Cookie....

The best thing about a nurse is when they can kiss it better!!!!!

Actually Cookie, I can share that sentiment - about looking before you leap. I have found that as part of a confidence building exercise, look for good companies that are trending. Nothing spectacular or heroic, and certainly no bottom picking.

The problem with bottom picking is that when it goes right, you can make 50% no problem. However, this glorious victory obscures the fact that unless you are psychic, its luck, and that you probably give it all back on the other 10 that go wrong.

Once you make some profits, however small, confidence returns.

Let me put it another way. I used to do erectile dysfunction clinics for men who could not perform (glamourous eh!!!!)! What was key is that if they failed once, they found it harder next time. Give them viagra, they don't worry anymore. The fear of failling is gone! And they find they don't need to pop the little blue pills anymore!

Trading is similar - but I think you will agree, SLIGHTLY different!!!!!!!!!

Go with the trend - and techs are not doing that at present.

All the best,

Well done with your exams guys! Now down to the real business. Having used AIQ for nearly 3 years now I have yet to see anything that comes even remotely close to it for power. And I'm still finding things in the system that I didn't know it could do, yet it is easy to set up and you can get started with basic TA immediately whilst leaving room to grow into it.

As for the other matter, I'm married to a nurse and just rely on a stiff drink! :eek:)
I agree.....

with the observation about AIQ. In a way, I am glad that I am not "panicking to trade" with it, having time to scratch the surface of it. I get the impression that it is an iceberg - what you can see is in itself awesome, but you get the imression there is so much more beneath the surface. I had high hopes, and they have not been disappointed. I will inform you of my progress as it develops,


I hope that you are enjoying AIQ. I would be interested to hear your opinion of any of the following aspects of AIQ

chart pattern recognition
trend line breaks
support and resistance
configuration of high/low period (eg. 120 days instead of a year)


No probs......

but it will have to wait until after my hols - 16 days walking in Switzerland!!

Hope you all stay well until my return,

Enjoy yourself Mark. I've just returned from doing the very same thing - based at Kandersteg in the Bernese Oberland. Absolutely stunning!


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Roger...you would not believe it......

but this time tomorrow I will be staying in Kandersteg!! Yes, this tiny place is my idea of heaven - 16 days of it!! And the Church in the village - well, 3 years ago I got married there!!

Talk about a small world...

ps.. whats the weather like there at the moment!

All the best,

Wow! Spooky! I got back from Kandersteg 2 weeks ago after a walking holiday with "Headwater". Weather at that time was great - stayed at Blumisalp Hotel - and did some great walking in all 4 seasons on 4 consecutive days. Then moved on to Aime-la-Plagne near Val d'Isere for a second week of mountain walking.

The piccie attached above is the West side of the range of mountains that forms the West side of the Kandersteg Valley. This is how it looked in mid June so I expect most of the snow will be gone by now.

Have a great holiday - it's a magical place for walking isn't it! Next time I shall go back with a paraglider tho'.

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