Would you be interested in a T2W online store selling..

Would you be interested in a T2W online store selling..

  • Training Materials

    Votes: 62 65.3%
  • Trading Software

    Votes: 55 57.9%
  • Trading Utilities

    Votes: 46 48.4%
  • Trading Systems

    Votes: 51 53.7%
  • E-Books

    Votes: 35 36.8%
  • Magazine Subs

    Votes: 29 30.5%
  • Other, please specify in the thread

    Votes: 1 1.1%
  • No, it doesn't interest me!

    Votes: 15 15.8%

  • Total voters


If you think T2W should open an online store, please let us know. If there's a particular product or service you'd like to be able to purchase on the site - then tell us about it on this thread.
I think the shop is a very good idea Sharks, and all trading related material should be available. In particular trading software and systems. But here's the crunch.

1) To avoid being just another run of the mill site flogging stuff off.
I think items like trading software should only be allowed after being evaluated by at least 3 competent T2Winners. At least 3 for a balanced view.

2) If the vendors will not agree to this prerequisite then it shouldn't be allowed to grace this fine site. We all know there is one hell of a lot of rubbish out there. If just a tiny fraction of it finds its' way onto these pages, that will be the quickest way to say bye bye to the site and to the integrity that runs through it.

I don't wish to appear snobbish or elitist in any way, but I would hate for the site to become compromised.

(PS. If you are going to let anyone sell their wares on here, let me know 'cause I can knock up a trading system in 2 minutes that I can flog for a grand a go.)

Where software is concerned you need to be careful and in this respect I mean the black box systems out there. You could find a situation where T2W is selling software in the shop that is getting a real slating on a thread. Books etc are fine so maybe it should have limitations as to what can be sold.

Very good Idea.

I agree with Options though that t2w members should vet these first before they are sanctioned.

Any system that can make me a millionaire by next month I will have a look at :LOL:
I would imagine that if companies, as your business partners, could offer a little commission to you and a little discount to members, it would be well received by all.

If sure some companies might drool at your rapidly growing, topic-specific audience.

Product reviews are also a good idea.
I'd go for the shop too. I don't think 'vetted by x members' is necessarily a good idea, just say on the sales page(s) that T2W has negotiated various discounts etc but doesn't necessarily endorse the products... provided there's no vetting of posts to pull adverse comment if a company complains then I see no reason why I should need other members to tell me if it's a good buy or not. Perhaps an Amazon style option to comment / post a review attached to the product details might be a nice idea?
Hi all

I have to agree with Options and Trader333 on this one. The shop would be a great idea, as long as it doesn't lower the tone of the website.

Great idea Sharky :)

Do you mean an online store with carts and payment routines
etc or do you mean 'promoted' links to suppliers online stores ?
if the former presumably you have to develop something yourself
or rent a package to do it and glue it on ?

Please, please do not take on anything that slows down the servers. Please.
We don't all have broadband.

After that I expect you will be limited by what offers you can negotiate ? per sale ?
I suggest you keep it mainly for beginners. Old pros may want to
touch and feel or even 'kick the tyres' before buying. Especially
at the high end.
Go for eveything! if i dont like what you are offering it wont stop me having a chat with the other traders. PeeDee.