Over the past 6 months how has T2W changed?

Over the past 6 months how has T2W changed?

  • Improved considerably

    Votes: 14 25.9%
  • Better than it was

    Votes: 23 42.6%
  • About the same

    Votes: 12 22.2%
  • Not as good as it used to be

    Votes: 2 3.7%
  • Worsened considerably

    Votes: 3 5.6%

  • Total voters


We may not have had a radical makeover over the past 6 months as we had done in previous years but we've still managing to attract 2,500 new members and cram in a whole lot of new features on the site, foremost of which are the brand new T2W store and our T2W email service.

As always we're interested to hear your opinion - so please tell us how you think the site has changed over the past 6 months, and post any comments, good and bad!
very good, well done Paul

still occasionally get 'broken pages' and unexpected site down time (?) but it could be my isp at fault - you just can't tell.

I suppose that next it'll be in flight movies to pass the time while
a trade is active ?