The T2W Store


We've created this new forum to announce developments and special offers, and promote new products and services, in our online trading store - the leading independent traders' store in the UK.

As of today, we've introduced a 14 day no-quibble money back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the product to us in it's original condition and we'll refund you the full amount. This guarantee does not apply to seminars, events and S&C magazine/Traders Advantage.

We've also started shipping outside the UK and currently ship to most countries in Europe. If you require a delivery to a country outside the EU, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Delivery is usually by next day special delivery, unless the products are delivered over the sent or sent straight from the publisher/manufacturer.

The store is divided into the following categories and currently contains the following products and services :

Charting Software

Pfscan (NEW - save 10%)
MetaStock 8.0 (save 5%)
Sierra Chart (save 11%)
HotTrader (save 5%)

Trading Tools

Paritech Portfolio Manager (save 10%)

Data Feeds & History

LSE EOD Data Feed / History (save 5%)
US EOD Data Feed / History (save 5%)

Educational Materials

InTeLyze (save 23%)
Technical Analysis 1 (save 10%)
Technical Analysis 2 (save 10%)
Fundamental Analysis (save 10%)
Strategies for Successful Investing (save 10%)
Discovering the Power of Metastock (save 10%)
Advanced MetaStock Multimedia Training CD (save 10%)

Magazines & Websites

Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities (NEW) Advantage (NEW)

Metastock Plugins

Performance Systems Plus (save 5%)
John Murphy's Chart Pattern Recognition (save 5%)
Nison’s Candlesticks Unleashed (save 5%)
Power Pivots Plus (PP+) (save 5%)
Bollinger Band System (save 5%)
Adaptive Trading Solutions (save 5%)
Walter Bressert's ProfitTrader (save 5%)
SpyGlass Market Toolkit (save 5%)
Dynamic Trading Tools (save 5%)

Seminars & Events

Nasdaq Level 2 Direct Access 1-2-1 Course
Trading for Beginners 1-2-1 Course