Long term savings strategy and rebalancing


I wondered if anyone could post their strategy for long term savings outside of their trading account, and maybe also give some feedback on my strategy for long term savings?

I use a table for risk divided in seven classes where;

1: Risk free (Bank savings)
2: Investment grade (BBB-)
3: High yield (B-)
4: Combined funds
5: Medium risk stocks
6: High risk stocks
7: Geared products

My current allocation is 25 % of total assets in class 1, where 90 % are in locked savings and 10 % in regular high-interest savings account.

The reason for having that much in locked savings is that everyone under 34 in Norway gets an 800 $ tax refund every year in addition to high interest (currently 5,30 %) if the money is in an account that can only be used for real estate purchases or maintenance.

The remaining 75 % are divided between risk class 2-6. Where 60 % is in 5-6 (stocks), 35 % is in 2-3 (bonds) and 5 % is in real estate.

Whenever my stock portfolio is more than 5 % outside of the 60 % total I will rebalance it.

No individual stock can be more than 10 % of the total stock portfolio, and one sector can not be more than 25 % of the total stock portfolio. I will balance the individual stocks if they rise or fall more than 5 % outside the 10 % total.

I am aware that the rebalancing strategy leads to me increasing risk in a falling market, but being a long term investor I think it gives me a better risk/reward in the long run than not doing it.

I am 26 years old and my perspective is 10 yr +, do you think I should take more risk than what I am currently doing? Do anyone else here use rebalancing in their investment strategies?
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Well a 5.3% return on cash is pretty good when you look at the rates in the G7 countries.

Your light on risk exposure for sure, but markets look toppy and there might be a better time to rebalance.

Have you considered a small exposure to gold maybe.

Edit to add

Central banks seem hell bent on creating asset inflation. With that in mind the markets don't look toppy. SP500, 30000 anyone?
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How about dividend strategies , dogs of the Dow ... etc .