T2W Store Opens Tuesday!


I'm very pleased to announce the at the Trade2Win Store will be live on the site and open for business from Tuesday 14th October, selling a range of trading discounted software, feeds and educational materials such as Sierra Charts, Metastock and US/LSE EOD Data Feeds.

When we first proposed the idea of opening an online store in our front page members poll - http://www.trade2win.co.uk/boards/showthread.php?s=&threadid=6008 the unanimous verdict was 'yes' you were interested in us selling a range of different trading products.

Well nearly three months later and all the hard work behind the scenes is complete. We've built a robust, easy to use store with secure online payments and the facility for you to comment on all the products we sell.

Once the store is live on Tuesday please use this thread to give us your feedback about how the store works and the range of products we sell (and you would like us to sell!).

I very much look forward to welcoming our first customers this week.

Many thanks,
The T2W store is now officially open!

You can go directly to it here:


of via the extra navigation tab along the top of the site which gives you quick access.

Regular users will notice that the "Community" tab has moved to the right hand side menu, and the "Learning" and "Resources" tabs have been combined into a single "Resources" tab.

The range of products we offer in the store are set to grow over time, so please check back frequently to see our latest additions.

As always your feedback is much appreciated, either privately or publically on this thread.
Hi Paul

Good to see that most of these items are related to MS...proving how versatile the package really is...

Hopefully the list will grow bigger with users input of the packages they have used..

Please ring when you are around in Harrow..will try to organise a session of curry with few friends..!!!

The paymemt system we use - WorldPay, are having technical problems with their system caused by "a coordinated effort by a third party". Although the system remains safe and secure the networks they use have been "flooded with requests on a massive computer-generated scale". Anyway, as you can image this problem has affected a lot of businesses, and they have promised to update us later today. But for the moment payments are unlikely to be accepted through our online store.

Please note that the integrity and security of Worldpay and our systems and data is in no way compromised.

More information about the attack can be read here: