Helen - you are a very sad person to have discovered that. I guess its what happens when you have a sideways chop! :cheesy:
I`m not sure but I think I may be sadder than Helen, for actually following her instructions :D

Helenqu said:
Go to http://www.google.com
then type: weapons of mass destruction

Don't press Search!!

Next click the "I'm feeling lucky" button -
read the error message carefully.

hahaha, excellent

the Car Key Boi salutes yuo!
Guy comes home and shouts out to his wife..

"Quick pack everthing, We'v won the $25M on the state lottery...."

Wife says " Darling...shall we need warm weather clothes or pack for winter holiday!!?

Guy says " I don't care what you pack, just pack and get your ass out of here"
hoHum :cheesy: