Wireless LAN?


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I always feel a bit odd now asking questions in here when I'm supposed to be the Editor, but I just dont know how to... :cheesy:

Can anyone tell me what exactly I need to buy/do in order to set up a wireless home network?

I have a small laptop in a docking station with two monitors that I use to trade with. This runs a 576kbps ADSL connection. I have one phone line in my apartment.

How do I connect my partners' machine up so it can share the ADSL line? Will this slow down the speed at all? Any disadvantages to this type of connection?

I'm told I need a wireless router (ebay here I come...) and an ethernet card (probably ebay...) but what exactly do I need to do to get it all working?

cheers chaps



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You can either connect it directly to laptop with Ethernet cable if you have 10/100 port or if you want wireless you can just buy a wireless router, I use a netgear one, cost about 100-150pounds and buy a wireless card for either each machine or one that is not connected to router with ethernet cable. Make sure you get router that is for ADSL rather than cable so it has the phone jack for incoming adsl and usually will have 4 ethernet ports to allow you to connect to PCs also has antenna for wireless. Very easy to set up.
Basically for each wireless PC you need wireless card
For any wired device you need ethernet card.


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Oh yeah, beginign bit reads a little unclear, windows allows you to share internet connection with other pc's just need ethernet cable between them.


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TW has said it all really, except the impact on bandwidth. Depends what your partner intends doing while you're trading.

If it's downloading DVDs or gaming or anything bandwidth intensive then obviously yes, it will impact you.

Typically with general internet work (surfing etc.) it's minimal.

I run 4 machines off a 512K 20:1 connection and we rarely suffer from each others' activity.

I use a BT Voyager 2000 with PCMCIA BT1020 cards for the laptops and BT1010 USB dongles for the desktops. Pretty much installs itself and I got the lot for a low package price from


who delivered speedily, sorted out a malfunc bit of kit equally speedily and gave me telephone support when I ran into technical problems.

I could use the Ethernet cable with any one of the machines but due to positioning of the router, use wireless for all the machines.

The only downside I found to this kit (see positioning issue above) is that the BT spec for range performance is a little optimistic. Anything other than a plasterboard wall or more than 25m is going to stretch it.


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Thankyou gents, I knew I could count on you.

turns out theres a selection on ebay due to end any moment... :)


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Sorry just wanted to clarify one thing you'd said TW :

I didnt know this (dur)

As she's not going to use the connection a great deal, are you saying that all I really need do (as I'm a cheapskate) is stick the ethernet cable in the back of the laptop and then in the back of her machine, and she can share my connection? Her PC is a bit of a clunker - still on Win95 I think.

thanks again

your humbled techie editor LOL


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saw this a little late rosso - if u don't mind a wired connection the go for the Speedtouch 510 4 port modem/router. Dead easy to set up and ultra reliable.

For a wireless connection u'll need a wireless router - dunno which one but avoid the Dlink 624 - have had nothing but problems with Dlink 300/624 modem/router combo.



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No rosso, u still have to plug both machines into a hub / router - I would avoid going down the IC route - much less hassled with a standalone router.

ilia king

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Rosso be carefull when you start seeing people working on a laptop with a wireless nic in a van right near your house, lol.

My friends lan is completely wireless, he even has wireless mouses, usb hubs, and keyboards. He has about 4 computers connected to the reuter and I have been on his internet and it is pretty fast. I think that some ISP's do not allow multiple pcs connected to the net but I think you can get away with it if the other computer is going through your computer as I think the IP address would be the same.

But if it does which I think quite a lot of them do just get a wirelss router. Let us know how you get on.

Good Luck,



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Rosso, I have just gone completely wireless using Netgear 834g
wireless router.
The kids have an old Pentium2 (4-5 yrs old ) and that took a wireless card no probs and works fine.
I have also wired in another wireless access point downstairs which extends the wireless network into the extension and the garden.
I would not be without it now, as I can just lift the laptop and take it around the house, and the wireless card searches for the strongest signal ( netgear wg 511 ).
Unfortuntely the range is just 10 yds short of working in the pub!
Can't wait for the Summer, trading from the garden has a certain appeal :cheesy:



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Answer to yur question is Yes. Certainly this is possible with XP not sure about win95 however. You can simply connect PCs via ethernet cable and share the connection. I did this before I got the router and it worked perfectly well.


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Hi rosso,

Following on from IK's post : if you go the wireless route, don't forget to set up security. It's amazing how many people don't bother.

If you don't implement security on your network, then anyone within range (a neighbour, for example) can connect to it and not only can they surf the web at your expense, but also might be able to hack into your computers.




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thanks for the replies guys.

Given it a bit of thought this afternoon since my posting, and I think on reflection I'll probably go the hardwired route, as she wont be using the PC a great deal anyway, and I'm a tight ass. :LOL:

Thanks for your help once again.
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