Will Bitcoin continue to rise?


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Like QE, tether printing is not working as well the next time around. If you look at the current market cap we have had 1 billion added to tether just since May.
It is not exactly tough to understand the motives to liquidate BTC about $11k if you have a large position. The higher it goes the more motivation there is to liquidate at this point.
I am mostly interested to see how crypto prices when we are not at full employment in the US and a global downturn. The timing of the business cycle was just right for crypto to get off the ground with BTC starting almost exactly during the crisis market lows and then getting the longest historical expansion to gain steam and investment. At this point though we need to see who is swimming naked when the tide goes out. There will be great investment opportunities long term when that happens.
You have to be insane IMO to invest in anything with the word "blockchain" attached to it right now though. There will be great buying opportunities in the next few years but right now almost anything related to blockchain has to be overpriced.


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I love the idea and blockchain is great but I just don't see how Govts in long run will allow anonymous payments. I won't have long term investment in anything that the Govt is threatened by.
You are absolutely right in my opinion. But I also think that BTC has a lot of space to grow as a niche thing before it gets shut down if it ever gets shot down. So for the upcoming couple of years, it could still be a profitable investment.

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