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no but they endorse, they write articles, they write books, they give interviews.
in other words, they get paid for other things not just trading..it doesn't mean they don't know what they are doing. the same can go for trading. any smart person would use multiple forms of income for something he/she was good at

That is true, but they probably don't go around selling their profitable trading systems for small fees - I will always be sceptical of these kinds of offers...


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I would say that it is better to put faith and trust in yourself than in anyone else regarding to what you want to do.
What you can decide for yourself and the kind of decisions you can take keeping your goals in mind, nobody else can do it better than you yourself.


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Real traders make money from trading, not from teaching.
This doesn't mean real traders don't teach. If real traders didn't teach, there would be very little quality educational content for traders to learn from. It's not inherently suspicious for a trader to also teach. Who wouldn't want a second stream of steady and substantial income? Some of these traders/teachers are making $150 per month per member and have thousands of members and put in relatively little work for the return. It's just smart business.


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Real traders are hedge fund managers with 20-30 years of trackrecord.
Hedge fund managers do not teach.
if you find me a course from Ray Dalio or James Simons I will be happy to pay.
Hedge funds endure months and years of drawdown, selling digital content you make money without risk and without expenses.
99% of teacher do not show a profitable trackrecord, that is the only thing that really matters.
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