Who is the greatest British superstar ever?


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Who is d greatest British superstar ever (sports and entertainment only)?

All this hype over David Beckham has got me thinking about who the greatest ever British superstar(sports and entertainment only) is..........Is it becks?, my choice would be John Lennon, who is urs? pls let us know!!
Who is Chris Morris? I said superstar!!!!.........must be instantly recognisable worldwide.......i think that excludes soapstars.................lol
'Stan Laurel' ........ :rolleyes: of laurel & hardy............I would count them both , but I believe it was only stan laurel who was from the UK
Okay - maybe not Chris Morris , didn't realise they had to be world famous (though ...The Day Today, Brass Eye, Jam and the bafta award winning 'My Wrongs... absolute genius and very good and pointing out the hypocrisy in media and people... umm did I just get on my soapbox then..).... soapstar indeed ...lol!

.... so my revised nomination - Eric Morecambe
Eric - yes a genius. I once queued for his autograph. Once I had received it I was overjoyed until I noticed he had signed "Booths The Chemist". I never knew why, although someone once told me it was because he hated his stage name.

Does the fact that you display a latter-day photograph of William Hague adjacent to your name on these boards indicate that you are a person of conservative taste?!

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Mr. James Hewett? Sport and entertainment. Did he not engage in both at the same time?

Exactly correct. The fact that he can economise on effort while doing both simultaneously fills me with total admiration.