... And the most over-rated British Superstar is ...


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........And d most over-rated British Superstar is........

David Beckham cos he is an average footballer (hard working tho) whose talents don't come close to matching his very high profile,........i hope u will all agree with me..........lol. He is the British 'Anna Kournikova'
Victoria Beckham - can't sing, can't dance, can't act - zero talent. Hugely successful in the world of entertainment
I hearily concur.
RW must be recognised for the talentless, lardy waste of environmental resources (i.e. air, water and pies) that he is.
Another illustrious oxygen thief might be Madonna, though she isn't English (despite her pretensions in that direction). Tedious music in which any grain of discernible talent comes courtesy of the producer and a string of poor films, especially the utterly awful "Swept Away" with which I had the misfortune to spend a transatlantic plane journey.