White out


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:?: I woke up this morning with 5 lovely yellow boxes..and then there was 4 and 1 got anaemic..have I not been taking my iron tablets..is there a doctor in the house who can diagnose this phenomena?


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Prior to today everyone who voted for you thought you were great so a nice 5 boxes all of which are yellow.

However since then someone doesnt think the same as the rest, ie someone thinks you or your posts are not good so now so now you only have 4 out of 5.



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Chump - you will notice that all the best people have 3 or 4 boxes. Controversy is a beautiful thing! I tried to bump you up again by giving you a 5 - no joy.

Im not casting stones here, but I would assume it's the humour police for egging certain people on in the lounge. Just a suspicion, as the humour police did the same to me once.

Like it really matters Mrs humour police - we will keep having our fun! You can close this thread, you can close all the threads, BUT WE WILL STILL HAVE OUR FUN!


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So thats how a wet behind the ears amateur like me got 5 yellows?
Please don't remove the only status I have in the world. I promise to be very, very good. :cheesy:


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ax3 - being very, very good is no guarantee.

There is however a t2w slush fund to which you may care to make a donation (details below).

This in no way gives 100% protection against loss of status, but will keep the moderators from making early hours of the morning visits to your yellow squares - at least for a while.


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Just bin the boxes like TheBramble, T333 and yrs truly.

After all, who cares?


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:LOL: If you don't care, then why bother to bin them? :cheesy:


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OK Johnny T,
"And I gave you a 1 to knock you down a peg or two"......

then I demand satisfaction....waterpistols at 5 paces suit you


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Watch it guys - your having a laarf. Thats not allowed. T2W is a serious place you know.

The Humour Police wont like it.

We will all be banned and banished to elitetrader.com where we can say 'fuk' as often as we like!
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