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Hi Guys,

I've been trading for about 6 months on the UK markets (AIM mostly) and i've been with Hoodless Brennan (exectution only) for this period, however I've learnt alot in the last 6 months both from losing cash, reading books, reading these forums and just talking to similar minded people.....knowing that now my £7 flat fee doesn't really get me alot....

I initially went with HB becuase of the £7 flat fee, I now know that i may have to pay a broker slightly more in order to get access to better information/TA/news etc etc

I haven't the capital nor the time needed to sit in front of a screen all day...my current boss might have something to say about that, and TA packages like esignal/sharescope are too pricey

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations of a broker that would suit me, would have all the available charts/info/news etc etc available online or their own software...

I have tried QT and whilst i think it is great, I can't get it to work behind the companies firewall/proxy.

I work 7am till 6pm so online packages are best for me...



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Hi Kagemusha

May I ask, what are you looking to trade, and how long do you have your trades open for, as this will govern which broker is best for you :)

With regards charting packages. The best Free online UK charts are the ones on www.advfn.com

Hope this helps :)


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Thanks for the reply FTSE

I usually keep a position open for a few weeks, however i do have 1 or 2 long term positions 6mnths+
I trade mostly AIM stock, very very rare do i venture to the FTSE 350

I do use ADVFN for my feed (the free one), but what i want is everything in one place, if you get my meaning....for charts i usually go www.bigcharts.com


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Whats wrong with HB?

I used to know some senior people there. Seemed like a quality outfit to me.

Others disagree with me here - but I would rather pay a small bit extra in the knowledge I am getting a quality fill and service, than the cheapest fill and slippage.


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So who do you use as a broker if it is not HB ?



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as i said in my first post....I want a broker that will encompass charting, Analysis and information all in one place.

HB are cheap for a reason...

Don't get me wrong i have been fairly happy with them, and as a new trader it eased me into trading and simplyfied the whole thing

Now though, with more experience and slightly more technical knowledge i want a broker that can satisfy my criteria of.....

Low commision
detailed company information

I too would be interested in which broker you use?


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I use Fidelity (gold).

Not the cheapest I know, but service and fills can't be beat. $1 more in commission saves a huge amount in slippage believe me. I used to use Datek (Ameritrade) when I first started. There's a huge difference - not that Datek were that bad - fine for starting out.

Thinking of opening an account with either Refco, Man or GNI for futures and FX. Any suggestions??


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Correct me if I am wrong but part of the problem we all have is that AIM shares have very wide spreads (in percentage terms); they are very volatile; hardly researched and have very low volumes. As such, we are up against it from the outset, no amount of commission shaving will make the positions profitable. Throw the facts that the shares are often illiquid into the mix and the picture becomes very bleak. A failure to obtain a contract; product delays; medium size shareholder liquidating position ............Get the point?

That is why we require juicy returns on any trades that are done.
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