Trading US stocks with an executiion only broker


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I am keen to learn more about the possibility of trading US stocks with an execution only broker. This would mean i can avoid paying stamp duty. I have also read that the spreads are much tighter on US stocks and their more liquid.

What site can i go to to look at US share spreads which is the equivalent of

I have an online account with Hoodless Brennan who would charge their £7 flat commission plus an additional fee for dealing in US stocks.

Would it be better for me to open an account with a US execution only broker and can i do this from the UK?

Can anyone recommend a good online execution only broker with low commissions and automated stop losses and limit orders?

Or, are there any UK based execution only brokers that would be competitive with US execution only brokers?

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I would suggest you look all the posts started by 'NAZ'.

He is the godfather of Nasdaq Level 2 on this site.

So in order to avoid the proverbial 'horse's head' on your pillow in the morning, I would suggest you look at some of his threads. the latest on T/A and Level 2 may be the most recent.


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Trading US Stocks

Do you intend to trade intraday or position ? as this will affect the likley option that you take. Check out
then select the UK option. They are competitive and with low commisions and you can set up a UK account and place your orders directly online including trailing stop orders etc.

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