Which is the best forex strategy?


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The strategy that is easiest to absorb when you're new is trend-following. Specifically uptrend-following. Use a demo account to rehearse. Stick to daily charts, put up a medium-term moving average such as a 50-day to confirm the most consistent trends, buy using a pre-set order where price is recovering after a pull-back. Don't hold too long. Always set a stop-loss. Don't risk a big slice of your account on any one trade. One trade at a time.


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I would say using 2% or less than that when it comes to using RR (Risk to Reward Ratio) which can help you to avoid any way of blowing out your account.


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The best strategy / trading system is that you will create by own knowlenge and experience. And let it be any trading style that you like best (try everything first to be sure in your preferences). This path is quite difficult, but the only correct one.


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Oh it depends on your trading style risk appetite and your lifestyle and or work commitments.
I feel SMC Supply and Demand are the most fruitful and it makes more sense to me


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There is no universal answer to this question but I think as a beginner it's best to start out by learning some stuff about technical analysis and risk management, and then pick a trend following strategy. I think band trading is a good starting method.


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One trading system that is simple to understand and you can trust. You need to trade with Stop loss or have one system that act with some stop loss if you have strong DDs'
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