Where's Helenqu?


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Just curious. Is she back after the school hols? Missing reading her journal.

Trender. :confused:
Helen and Skim had a spat
Helen took offence when Skim got up to bat
Helen took a walk and skim cancelled the talk
Helen now gone and not looking back
JP - with so few female traders around

Its a shame the ones we do have, have to fall out.
Hi ColinR

got to agree.

Hate to be a bore but it doesn't rhyme anymore.
thanks for the info
one and all

who'd have thought
a spat
between the girls
would've ended like that

I just wish I'd seen it........

girls, I don't really mean it:cheesy:

roses are red, violets are blue, this thread is dying on its arse!!

damn...it doesnt rhyme!!

"dont speed and you wont get a ticket....its not rocket science"
big big shame - always like having around our hels
shame another didn't go the way of hel* :)

blast - tried to make it rhyme....... i know - pretty useless - please don't write a poem about

(tho i suppose that itself is an invitation to do so)...

mind u - all of above stuff has happened before - was hoping things had sorted out by now :(
She's busy creating a web site in competition to this one!

No it's not the Eurostoxx one...

Some big hitters are in with her.