Where will it all end?

So, November has been a bit of a poor show thus far! (I like to use understatement!). Have to admit I called somethings wrong this month. Only stayed in BLM thinking they had to go up with good results......more fool me.
First and last time I don't stick to my stop-loss!!!

However, what now. Hopefully the election debacle will be decided, and things will hopefully start to rise. But will it be a rally, or a dead-cat bounce? I hope the former, but fear the latter! What do you think...share your thoughts!
Mark...We have all been guilty of not adhering to the STOP LOSS, but the more people confess to the sin the more likely people will take note.

I wouldnt hold you breath about where the market will go by Xmas..........sideways is my best guess, unless some radical news before in that big wide world out there to send the markets either way.

Best wishes

Hi Mark,
We hear less of you these days..must be the exams..as for the market...this money has to flow back to the market one day, hasn`t it? Doesn`t really matter when..just be prepared..
One thing I will keep an eye on is January; the old saying: "As goes January, so goes the rest of the year..." it is a tight correlation. Worth taking note.

There are some sound bargains at these prices. The main problem is that there simply are no buyers and the challenge is to get the buyers back into the market. Also, it is not quiet a guarantee that the Fed will lower interest rates - which in turn will keep the markets jittery.
Hi rizgar...yes exams keeping me out of action....no time for research until Dec 4th when I have my life back....temporarily at least! However, felt like a break tonight.

Probably a good time to be out of action at the moment. However, things may bounce hard in the next week according to the US election. Heard Naz futures shot up when they thought it was all over, only to sink again when they realised it wasn't. Be alert, there is a lo of money waiting to come back in.
Don't forget; last January the indices fell over the month and if the adage is accurate this time, the market will finish lower in December.
Look on the bright side.. look how many double bottoms are being formed, albeit 6 mths apart.