Where have they gone ?


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I'm sure there were some interesting threads here - especially Naz's comments on US trading, but I'm b*ggered if I can find 'em now...

Market chat is in the Day trading section.

Hi Morris,

Sorry to hear you're having problems navigating around the new layout of the boards.

It was apparent that we had a whole history of threads going back two years all in one or two forums - which made it impossible to browse the boards efficiently. So we've moved most of the posts into specific forums depending on the topic of conversation.

Although it might take a while to familiarise yourself with the new structure and where the most popular threads are found, in the long run I'm convinced it will make it a lot easier to find what you're looking for without resorting to searching merely by keywords.

I've renamed the Day Trading Board to General Trading Chat, as I think it's important to establish one board as the main trading board, which is for general trading discussion - when your thread doesn't relate to a more specific board or you're just not sure which board to post in. I've also moved all the remaining threads from the Active Trading board that was locked and no longer used into this forum - so this is now the biggest forum.