Where does the 'Rally' go from here and Stuff?!


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Just a few comments regarding the market situation on both sides of the Atlantic to hopefully incite a vigorous and productive debate!!!!!

I hope that most of you have had a chance to pile into the markets 'long' to make the most of the annual autumn rally - is this current 'Thanksgiving' week going to see the end of it as it did last year or will it go to Xmas or beyond and form the basis of the next bull market? I reckon that as soon as the cruise missiles start blitzing Iraq (I hope they don't of course) we'll all be in serious 'shorting' mode.

I trade London at the moment but it depresses me that the LSE has become such a lackey of the US markets - a lot of the major stocks, particularly technology based such as ARM and VOD etc, spend most of their time reacting to what the Nasdaq has done the night before or trying to anticipate what its going to do when it opens!!

One major gripe I have against trading in the UK is the generally high charges for the privilege of doing it - up to £100 round trip for a £20k trade and then you'll probably have to pay 0.5% stamp duty on top of that - what!!!!!!! No wonder there aren't many day traders on the UK market and no wonder that there are so many pin-striped gents in the city driving Rollers (I blame the class system myself) Don't ask me what I think about the spreads on UK stocks (bl**dy h*ll!!)

I'm saving up the requisite $25K for a Nasdaq Level II daytrading account at the moment - a much more sensible option; $9.95 a trade and just a few miniscule ECN charges on top of that with the worlds premier trading platform thrown in!!. Perhaps if Nasdaq take over the LSE they'll bin the SETS dinosaur and we'll get a decent low cost trading platform based on NazLII

Whaddya Reckon?

TradeSmart All!
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