What to Watch on Monday...

That's probably because we paid too much attention to the techs...now I believe is the time we have a proper balance..chasing after high quality techs to get in at a bargain price, staying away from the cursed ones at least for a while and paying as much attention as they deserve to defensive stocks...
CS. up today +5.25 to 75 with a huge volume of 74m..it's also worth to note that 4m shares were sold at and after 16:25...profit taking already started if not institutional...
Steve, I don't understand the reason why you should have sold so early @67..with me pumping positive news here... :)
From ukinvest.com

Credit Lyonnais Securities has downgraded its stance on Corus (CS.) to "sell" from "reduce" after yesterday’s management upheaval. With the shares at 75p, it has set a 65p share price target. Meanwhile CSFB has upgraded its recommendation on the stock to "buy" from "hold". Dresdner Kleinwort Benson has reiterated its “buy” stance on the stock.

CS. down 1.25 to 75.25, they are meeting with Britain's ISTC steel union later this week. The ISTC is threatening to ballot for industrial action over Corus' plans to issue compulsory redundancies in the UK.
Price target on CS. has got to be under 70p.

What do you techie guys think about PON and RM#
Both have bullish divergences on dirmov and OBV.
Cannot see Corus making for short term profits due to the news from the industrial front with Unions balloting members for strike action, although not sure they are likely to want to reduce their job prospects in the UK any further. From a tech point of view there appears to be a resistance line forming from the two previous highs around 81 and a lower one around 65. My other indicators are heading south from OB area and with the BB's at 77.6 and 62.0 looks like it will fall down to around 65 before a buy could be signalled.

As for RM and PON I see nothing in my charts to even tempt me to consider at this time.

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