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we each pick one or more of our favourite stocks at the weekend, explain the basic reasons why we think they might go up and follow them up through the following week..adding more information as they come up (Like my threads on EGS and What to Watch on Monday. Only this time we should put more contributions to each other's threads)...I think that way we'll establish continuty to our discussions and knowledge, information and experince sharing...
Write your opinions about this suggestion here please...


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I am not sure I like ANY share at the moment Riz. But I am working on some suggestions. The sort of share that springs to mind is the likes of Rentokil (RTO, a company that is enjoying a recovery from its dark days of profit warning. Rentokil is disposing of assets, a policy the market approves of and that will be good for share price. I would not like to forecast progress or if RTO will ever return to former days of £4 plus, but it is worth watching.

No financial advice intended

I stopped Rentokil at 160p and didn't bother buying back much lower, i may have missed an opportunity.

You might just be onto something there. Perhaps I can add a section of the site, where each weekend everyone can suggest a stock that they think is favourable for the next week. The stock that gets the most votes wins, and then for each day of the following week, we track the stock and let people comment on it. Perhaps at the end of each day the section would automatically update with a price and chart info, maybe even trade info. And the stock is bought on the Monday at it's mid price. And then people can vote in the week on when to sell the stock or to keep hold of it and it's automatically sold at the end of the week.

Might be worth developing such an idea, which would provide a valauble insight into the considerations of short term trading.

What do you think?

Pigsy! :)