What to Watch on Monday...


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Here are those on top of my watchlist for Monday..
AHT: Ongoing takeover rumours..formed a top of 128 following the last bottom at 120 ..wait till the next bottom is formed to have an idea of where the shares are heading for...

CORUS: Formerly known as British Steel down from high of 175 to 63..nothing wrong with the business..on the contrary often praised...suffered mainly from the strong pound..therefore if the euro rises they might follow it fast

KWL: profitable tech company whose shares dragged down too far during the recent negative sentiment towards the techs..has seen high of 3120..recently tested 400..now at 455...might retest the 400 level before jumping over 500..

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KWL proved its potential for a strong rebounce...jumped to 500 early morning before being pulled back by the general dip and profit takers..I suggest we keep watching them closely..

AHT didn`t resist the downtrend much and went down -4.5

CS. relatively high volume of 8m..down -0.75...still worth watching..
KWL up +20 this morning at 10:18..still looking bulish..
Hi riz
Corus has been good for me recently.I think resistance is about 65 but when the euro improves CS could quickly move above 100.
Glad this thread started updating..thanks again Pigsy..

KWL remained bullish all day jumping over 475 around midday..ended the day @470 up +18 (4%)..looks like they will be over 500 by the end of the week..

CS. were down -2.75 (-4.4%) 60.0 ..
You`re right Steve..cs. needs to be watched together with the euro..

AHT still flat @121.50....
AHT up +4.5 to 123.5 with a thin volume of 880K..last bottom formed @119 ..heading up half way to form a W bottom..no further news of "bid speculation" though..charts shaping nicely..

KWL down -11 @ 439.5...with a thin volume of 396K had a bouncy day up and down between 462 and 418..recouped most of its losses however at late afternoon...

The following quotation from MoneyGuru comment does make sound..and KWL is sure still one to watch closely..

"With Kewill valued at just 5x this years sales the shares look attractive compared to US ecommerce companies such as Ariba which trades on 70x sales, Commerce One on 39x and i2 26x. With slower sales growth, a less established brand and an inferior business model Kewill cannot hope to trade on a similar multiple, however, the shares look attractive on this rating and, having proved their competence in the US market, are looking increasingly attractive as a takeover target."

CS. had a flat day with a relatively high volume of 8.6m however..buys outnumbering sells by 2m...
AHT 125 up +1.5

CS. 59 up +1

KWL 438.5 down -1
see the spread 438.5/455.0

cs. looks certain to hit the 65 resistance level (as Steve said)..it might well break that level and go further up this time however..

kwl looks certain to jump over 500..it`s proved very resiliant at the current level..

The only way for AHT looks up..how up in a way depends on fresh take over rumours..

I'll certainly keep watching those 3 next week..
AHT is recommended by Mark Watson-Mitchell..his reasons being:

Buy" Beeson Gregory Group. The investment bank continues to look undervalued compared to other companies in the sector. It recently bought technology consultancy IndexIT and is building a substantial portfolio. After better-than-expected half-year results, the company is expected to make a £18m, or 22p, pretax profit for the full year.
Be my guest, cookie..
Only a pint might be too much for you..it's strong brewed black tea all day..
Small Cap Shares newsletter's tipped KWL as a BUY saying:

"The market is turning bullish on Kewill Systems again. The sale of two of its poorer divisions, computer-aided design and logistics, has helped sentiment but it is still difficult to forecast profit."
AHT up +2.5 to 131.5...up +10 since this thread started...all classic TA signs that I use (MA, stochastic, RSI, MACD, OBV, MFI)indicate that this stock is in a strong uptrend...also it is expected that AHT will be the one reaplcing TI Group in ft250..
AHT has also been tipped again in GCI last night as a takeover is looming. Take out price would be ~ 170p
I agree with your analysis, AHT was picked by several of my scans this morning. Along with AIB which also looks bullish. Breakout strategy. I think AHT is a good bet for Monday so long as the market holds.

No financial advice intended

Todays Midas column advises raising stop loss limits for AHT, saying Ashtead's valuation is underpinned by last week's takeover of rival Hewden-Stuart...Midas recommended AHT in May at 88p..

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I'll suggest a not very fashionable BASS. Nice uptrend and I believe it is very near a cycle-low in the trend. Big bottom spike on Friday.
CS. up 7.75 (12.5%) to 69.75..with a heavy volume of 69m...in the mean time upgraded by UBS Warburg to "strong buy" from "buy" following a conference on European steel companies held by the broker last week..while
the euro opening on the up this morning, to £0.6122 and $0.8826 as a slowdown in the US economy is widely discussed.

Looks like this could be the last chance to get in below 70p..I wonder if any of us got in earlier..
The annoying thing is there was a whacking great bullish divergence a couple of months ago at ~50p that we all should have seen.