bt.a showing classic TA signs..


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British Telecom is showing classic TA signals..price jumped up last week just as it was about to drop outside bollinger bands at 620..crossing over 5 day EMA heading up to cross over 10 day EMA..rising buy volume last 2 trade days..14 day stochastic K just crossed over D...14 day RSI rising..MACD line heading up..on balance volume up...14 day money flow index upwards..

As for positive news, the Sunday Telegraph said citing company insiders that United News & Media PLC and BT are putting LineOne, their internet service provider joint venture, on sale in a move expected to raise up to 400 mln stg..

Maybe David Cobe and Uncle did know something was happening..David chose it for the competition and from his post it appears that Uncle has put BT on his watch list for next week.. :)

Lets keep a close eye on BT next week..

good luck..


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And in case anyone wants to get the chart for it - please use BTA instead of BT.A up above. You'll know if you get it wrong because otherwise you get the same chart you always get when you type in a wrong epic - I think its the ftse100? Though I might be wrong.

I know I said it before, but I'll say it again: the charting's a brilliant touch, Pigsy. Definite sound on/applause.wav stuff

Ahhh Riz! Actually I closed DXNS and reinvested shorting BT.A @ 788, closing and reinvesting long @ 620. Not a bad little punt this.

PS. I like Hill's new forecasting tool - works a treat!

I knew you were messing up with I was right..

good luck...
BT.a popped up and down between 665 and 650 all positive and one negative news might be the cause of this and also holding her back from going further up:

British Telecom (BT/A) gained 9p to 660p on news that it had appointed John Davis as the new chief financial officer of, its online version of the yellow pages. The move is seen as a further step towards the division's flotation, pencilled in for this financial year. Davis was previously group financial director of Yahoo! (YHOO).

Oftel has announced an investigation into British Telecom's latest package of internet access prices.

BT said it was "bemused" at the questioning of its Talk and Surf Together prices for being anti-competitive.

Meanwhile Oftel was publishing the latest regulations forcing BT to open up its networks to rival operators through local loop unbundling (LLU), speeding up the race towards more widespread, faster and higher quality internet access.

The process, which has been forced upon BT by the regulator, allows rival telecom firms to install their technology into BT exchanges in a bid to bring more competition to the supply of broadband internet technology.

The last news may also be the reason why TWT bounced by 4p...

BT is still worth watching..