What is your goal in trading?


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Becoming profitable as a trader can lead to financial security and independence from employers - no more work.

Even if you have a strategy which is profitable but actually not spectacularly good you will become financially independent as long as you put enough years into it and you have an income in those years so you can just grow your trading capital.

For example, suppose you live in the UK and you can only start trading with £1,000. That isn't much money here - the median annual income is £29,900 - so half of the population earn less than that income and half earn more.

Let's suppose you can only find 20 trades a month. And you only risk 1% per trade, while your risk:reward is only 1:1.5. The win rate of your not very good strategy is only 55%. Maybe all this doesn't sound much but remember you are going to do this every year and you won't be making any withdrawals. Its fun on a quiet afternoon to calculate how much your income is going to be in Year 10.

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True that! It’s about sustaining. Some can do it in a million, and for others, money can never be enough.
My point is some can do it with a lot less. I think most people can live on £10,000 a month. If you can get to a point where that is light work for you then you can live the rest of your life and likely never achieve millionaire status. It all depends with how you use that money as well. Something like 70% of lottery winners end up broke af within a few years as they splurge and don't look to invest the winnings.


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my goal is very common like others to be a professional trader in Forex. but i never like to skip any learning session . because i do believe there is no short cut way of learning and earning from there.


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Financial freedom and using my brain to the fulest. I come from an artistic background, so I had a real hunger for engaging the left side of my brain :)
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