What are you listening to now?

Dec 30, 2002
I like music, but don't listen to it all that often.
I tend to listen for a few days every few months or so, then have had my fill. Problem is, i tend to sing in my head repeatedly, after listening, so like to get my head space back, after the few days every few months etc.!
Nov 29, 2007
tunes listened to today..

Robbie Williams - Let me Entertain you & road to mandely.

Nussen Dorma - pavarotti

My Way - Frank Sinartra -- theres also a version with frank & pavarotti.

most of timberland's tunes! - "the way i are" is an all time fav

fan of shakira!

unkle Kracker - follow me

Pulp - common People

do you think im sexy -- rod Stuart:eek:

roy orbison - pretty woman etc

johnny Cash/slim Whitman:eek: / & other cowboy/wild west tunes

And most of the stuff thats on the top charts... bleeding love, etc.

currently listening to a club remix of the way i are!