What are EU looking at?

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Ive been mulling over the current EU situation

My curiosity is to do with whether or not folks think the UK would be better out of the EU:?:

For a start what precisely would happen:?:

Would the money that is poured into the EU fund go back into the UK pocket:?:eek:r in reality would we suffer due to a lack of EU support:?:

Would it be better if we made our bed with the US:?:

Can We do both:?:

I have my opinion and i thought it would be interesting to see peoples views.

Get Out.
The EU is just a playground for failed politicans and bureacrats serving their own interests
Well Stevet and Trader333 had an opinion on Europe on another thread...but it could be (Stevet) that Europe is on the cusp of a big turn down. Do we want to be part of that collapse?

I like the picture of Continental living, 2 hour lunches etc but...

Add to any economic inefficiency the huge bureaucratic edifice of EU institutions. protectionism via CAP etc ( I know Bush has done same - protectionism - to China and Europe...Cotton and Steel) and pensions , welfare that has to be funded but isn't, and you have a smouldering volcano waiting to blow.

Don't forget we export a lot to other non EU markets including America. China is now a hot market.

it's the quality of life in the UK bit I am not so sure about.
1. the UK is no longer the workshop of the world - for many years others have been able do it cheaper and/or better.

2. the UK no longer has the raw material riches of the Commonwealth to plunder and - north sea oil aside - has none of its own.

3. the UK no longer enjoys a pre-eminence of its financial services (insurance etc) which, in part, relied upon the soundness of its position because of 1 & 2.

Against this background the UK cannot survive in the modern world on its own. Alone it would face a long drawn out decline as the wealth created by those three factors is dissipated.

Accordingly, the UK has to forge international partnerships and rely on the wealth creation of the partnership as a whole to increase its own wealth. Rightly or wrongly our chosen partnership is the EU whatever its faults (and they are many) and it's difficult to see any alternative.

There is no viable partnership with USA - what added value could the UK bring? The Commonwealth (in some senses a great grouping able to cover the whole spectrum from raw materials to finished goods and thriving markets) wouldn't touch us with a barge pole.

imo we are stuck with the EU and in our own interests we have to make it a success.