Well done DStone


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And tough luck to Crazy Guy, just missing 3 on the trot by a miserly 33 points. I'm impressed. Just a thought..... How about we introduce a new rule..... The guesses must be on a 10 or 25 point boundary? That way there could be multiple winners . At the moment, delaying your entry can give you an advantage by making a strategic guess, 1 point above or below someone else, thus giving yourself and big advantage over that person...
DOW competition

This is the first time I have predicted the correct direction 4 weeks in a row, and the first time being the closest prediction for the week!

I agree about the current way it is done, because you can take a position that will help you leapfrog somebody else by putting your prediction 1 point above theirs. I try not to do that, but I do look around at who is threatening.