Ventures That Are Similar To Trading


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I am 21 years old and am fortunate to have a net worth (cash and various portfolios) of roughly £40K. I have been trading full time now for several years and have had some success trading ETFs with a top-down macro approach as well as trading indices (some FX) through spread betting providers. As you will all know the number of traders who are consistently profitable month after month, year after year, decade after decade is minimal. I really need to diversify and have other forms of income besides trading. Other than say property investing (which I don't currently have enough for) what are some other speculative ventures that you guys know of, that can be done by oneself and involve a degree of risk appetite and analysis in a similar vein to trading.

I have great respect for most of the T2W community and would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions on this matter.


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The guy who lives opposite does alright buying and selling cars - no bangers, no supercars, no family hatchbacks/runabouts. They're sometimes sporty but always better than av equipment and condition.

I remember hearing about a guy who bought and sold second-hand Rolexes (only) via the internet.

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Ben, given your stake size and interest in risk, there have ta be any number of crowdfunding ventures you could get inta. Become a mini-VC. If I could suggest a little guidance, anything in the fintech space would be a smart move right now.


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Bin auctions
Baggage auctions
Antique auctions
Plain auctions

Do what you like doing and get good at it. With £40k you are off to a flying start.
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