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Thought I would start this to show how I use sharescope. Hope to work on a few charts but here is an inverted head and shoulders to start with. I flick through the FTSE 250 charts to spot these. It would be great to see a few other sharescope users charts.


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One that went wrong.

This head and shoulders is on a longer time frame I sold on the pull-back to the neckline but was stopped out a few weeks later. I had moved my stop to break-even so I didn't loose but I was disappointed that it didn't work out. Still keeping an eye on the chart to see what happens next.


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Big Business.
Can you tell me how to post a chart from Sharescope to this thread.
Thanks in Advance.
Hi Bigbusiness.
Are U using EOD Sharescope or real time.
I have used their EOD charts for about 2 years and think they are the best.I am considering their real time charts and would like to hear from any one who is currently using the real time package to tell me if they think its value for money. I think its about £85.00 per month.
I would be pleased to hear any comments.
I have been using Sharescope Realtime since the first week it was introduced (previously on EOD). I think it is absolutely great. Does all I could wish for and the support and help (very rarely needed) is second to none. I use it in conjunction with Proquote Level 2 and would now be lost without Sharescope. Quite how I managed beforehand is beyond me ! I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending it - and they do not pay me to say so !!

Thanks for your reply,Im thinking of trying it for a month and am glad to see that you can recommend it. If its as good as their EOD charts I shall be well pleased, I like them as a company.