Usefull US intraday web link

Robin - thanks for this. I have been checking it out and it's brilliant. Best charts on the web that I've seen - really clear, fast, and with a great range of indicators, and easy switching from 1 min charts over 4 days with increments up to monthly charts over 80 years. Anyone who thinks that shares naturally always go up should look at the 80 year Dow chart on this site (posted below) and look at the 1965 to 1983 . 20 years of ranging sideways movement. Buy and hold would not have done much for you there.

The intraday charts are on 20 min delay, but can be upgraded to r/t for $19.95 per month. Also they offer ProphetStation which gives a tremendous amount of additional data, including screening and alerts, plus Nasdaq Level 2, for $34.95 per month. You can have a 30 day free trial which I have signed up for, and anyone who was at the microtrader seminar, or has any interest in what Nas has been saying about level 2 can see what it's all about on 20 mins delay for free.


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Here is another really useful looking site. V. similar to, and all for $9.99 per month. May try the free trial when the prophet finance free trial runs out.



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