If you go, then please ask them to reply to my email querying the way the trial turned itself off, even though I have their confirmation of payment for the subs to kick in at the end of it.
(Considering I even told them on the phone I was subscribing so I could review the **** program, and was kind of expecting to get a free trial whilst arranging this free plug for them, it speaks volumes for their customer service I reckon that I end up paying while they cut me off - by the way don't watch for a countdown on the trial, there isn't one - fired up happily at 3pm, at 10pm it just refused to start up). Fantastic PR... ;)

As a former updata customer I would recommend potential users to stay well clear of this company. The product is light years "behind" any competing product sold at the price updata ask. You will see what I mean if you investigate products like wealth-lab, tradestation, investorRT etc. Also in my experience their seminars dont contain any information that would help you make any consistent income.
Also , customer service is poor and additionally I found their sales staff will happily stretch the boundaries of truth to get you to pay for their third class products.

One product which does not suffer from the problems of the above is investorRT which I think is ideal for UK investors:-


I am not connected to linnsoft other than in my capacity as a customer.
tried the latest Updata version.. grahics are not up to snuff, can't change easily to 2,3 min charts (5 mins set as the lowest smallest standard, takes up both screens without being asked, etc)
Actually, I was thinking of it more as a social occasion - the last one didn't contain much useful info either, but it was a good opportunity to meet up with lots of people from these boards, with free food and drink provided! :D

....well perhaps it's better to go there stuff ourself and throw up on their demo computer....!!!!