Updata Trader 11

Nov 27, 2000
Stoke on Trent
I promised to post my progress with this software.

I was able to have the opportunity of speaking directly to a senior manager of Updata. Together we were able to reach an understanding that was mutually beneficial.

For my part I detected a determination on behalf of Updata to identify and correct any problems as quickly as possible. The manager in question, in my opinion, demonstrated a maturity of judgment which augers well for the future.

My money will be returned, however, I have agreed to continue to use the software and identify any faults. Once I am happy with the software I will re-purchase at a mutually agreed price, which takes account of my efforts. Therefore there is an incentive to both Updata and myself to identify and correct any faults as quickly as possible.

I am happy that there has been an honourable resolution to this matter and I look forward to reporting a completely successful outcome within a few weeks.