U18 Trading?


Hi all,

First off, allow me to provide some context: I got into trading a little over three years ago just before my 14th birthday. I wanted to trade, but knew I needed some experience before hand, so opened a demo account which I've been using to teach myself since then, having turned the original 10,000 into just shy of 90000.

I've just turned 17, and want to get into it properly, as I foresee a market crash in the near-future. I know I have to be 18 to open a trading account in my own name, but was wondering if there was any kind of custodial trading account my parents could open in my name to make this happen? For reference, I'm in the UK and have a little over £1000 I'm willing to fund my account. Can any of you help?

I know most of you will probably say "wait until you're 18" but if there's any way I can get an extra year of returns and find out about it in two or three years' time, I'm going to kick myself, especially if I'm right about the recession/crash.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
You might be able to do something through a Junior ISA I think. The standard rules allow someone over 16 to manage their own account, although not all providers allow this, so you'll need to do some research.
Based on your age, you may have a Child Trust Fund (CTF acccount) which you can convert into a JISA