Best Broker for FX and FX options automated trading?


I've been playing around with an FX options strategy on my spread-betting account and I'd like to try to automate it on the real market.

I've never trading outside of spread-betting before, so I would appreciate if anyone has any suggestions on where I can open an account.

Primarily, I need to be able to:
* trade FX pairs intraday as well as Daily and Weekly FX options.
* hook up my program to trade automatically.
* be able to intervene and open/close positions manually in case my program crashes.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! (I'm based in London if that makes a difference.)
It is true that not all brokers accept EA's. My broker accept all EA's but the EA's must be in accordance with the client agreement, else all profit made from the use of such EA's will be canceled.
No suggestions? A nudge in the right direction?

To be honest I can't think of other brokers besides Interactive Brokers that could offer what you want in terms of both OTC FX and FX Options through the same automated platform on a commission based model, but they only offer 40:1 leverage now I think.
Many brokers now use MT4 or MT5.
All for free - no expensive US style add-ons, updates etc.
I use Alpari (UK) - fully regulated