Trading the Dow Jones Strategy

Newtron Bomb

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At last ive compiled the trading the Dow Jones strategy with the kind permission of Martin AKA Chartman, thank you. :D

It brings together all the key points from Trading the Dow so you can get to grips with forming the foundation of a sound trading strategy.

Hopefully it will become a work in progress explaining the basics to the beginner and expanding it maybe to include additional tools to get to a more advanced level.

All suggestions for improvements are welcome please PM me about them or post them here.

Some of you may have problems printing the document if you do go to print preview to make sure the charts are there and print from print preview.

Have Fun :cheesy:

Trading is a high risk area of investment and it is possible to lose more money than your original deposit.
Investment in this area may not be suitable for you, should you have any doubts, you should seek advice from your investment advisor.


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Dow Strategy

Newtron Bomb

Excellent work, thank you very much for your efforts, and of course, thanks to Chartman for the original work, big help to a lot of peeps.


My thanks go to Newtron Bomb for collating this work . Time simply prevents me from producing such a document. Those starting out trading the DOW should find it a useful reference document.
A superb trading manual. Many thanks to Chartman for freely giving of his experience, and to Newtron Bomb for collating the evidence!
Well done Guys!!

This is the sort of pulling together the helps the world go round.

Many thanks for helping us novices out.
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My hard disk failed and has been replaced and all info lost,am trying to rebuild my favourites list. There is a site which gives daily predictions of Dow/S.P./Nas.[similer to ED Downs Signal watch] called something like Rapateur ??? If anyone knows the correct web address,I would be gratefull. thanx fred
Sorry to be a pain -- the charts don't download properly on mine. 'can not convert graphics'.How can you apply print preview before it is in pdf?

The document is in word format and has been zipped.

Open doc with word and it should all be there.

Some ppl have had problems printing, ie the charts do not print, this is avoided by the means described
You need Word to open the file properly which is why you are getting that error. I believe you are using WordPad
so am I
uuuurrrrrrgggghhh !

do you want to put up an alternative ?
or better still why not just post the whole thing in a new thread ?
Newtron Bomb & Chartman,

Just wanted to say big thanx to you both for compiling this great trading strategy!! As an absolute beginner it has helped tremendously and I have found with such a plethora of information out there it can be very mind-boggling! I know I have a long journey ahead, but this as well as other threads on the site, has helped me understand a little more!!!

Yes,I PMed Newtron bomb,and he suggested works wordprocessor,which unfortunately didn't work.Can anyone suggest an alternative?Are there any downloads available to facilitate reading zipped graphics?I only need the charts,the rest was ok.Can word be downloaded from somewhere?

Unless you have word you are flumoxed, if anyone is having the same trouble then pm or email me and i'll convert it to works word processor or notepad just let me know what you want it in and ill mail it to you
Thanks for your patience Newtron,if our situation was reversed I'd be looking for ways to hurt the other guy by now!
No problem we were all less informed at somestage and the world would be a better place if we all remembered this once in a while and had a little patience
Converted to pdf for those struggling to view.

Hope this helps.


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