Trading cliches & expressions - the ones you really hate!

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The trading world is full of cliches & expressions, some of them are creditable but a lot of them are just cop-outs.

Here is my attempt at cliche bashing, feel free to join in

CLICHE: "No one ever went broke taking profits"

What it really means: "I've lost the last 2 trades and my confidence is low, my latest position is up +5, I'm feeling frightened and I dont want another loser so I'm going to take profit now"
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Its not what you trade, its how you trade it.:confused: (i'm happy for you to think i know what to do in any given situation.)
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What goes down must come up. (unless its called marconi)


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"Does anyone now anything about ....."
= preparation for a scam, when it is a newbies first post.

Investments can go up as well as down.
= your guess is as good as mine, now heres my bill.

Past performance is no guarantee of future performance
= I got lucky. Off to polish my dice.


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ring ring.. "if I could introduce you to an opportunity that could make you 1000% on your money with no risk, would you be interested?"
= I work for a boiler room, please make me richer

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Douglas have this one on me........

You dont need to know whats going to happen next in order to make money.

I've been at it all this time, all those years, all that money and I still have no idea what the ****'s going on in the markets.Even though I talk on physical non physical astral projections and my left nuts lined up with uranus and even though I throw more **** like that in, I still have no ****ing idea. But I ask all of you punks this... Is it god damn Un-American though..? Well punks is it?

peace. :D
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"Register for our free trading seminar..."

= attend our two hour sales pitch where we will lie about profits we've made trading and get you to part with £2k. Where leverage is about levering the credit card out of your wallet and into our swipe machine.
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"Technical Analysis (TA) - The study of market action, usually with price charts, which includes volume and open interest patterns. Also called Chart Analysis, Market Analysis and, more recently, Visual Analysis. " by John. J. Murphy

In layman's terms - spot the ball.

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