Trading CCI Patterns


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Hi all,

I witter on a lot about using CCI but I thought I'd post up a nice example of where I used a chart pattern in it to enter a short on the Eurostoxx50 on Friday.

cci patterns

Would be grateful for info. regarding a good site for CCI chart patterns and or CCI in general.

Currently use CCI in rather a haphazard use at present, ie whether it crosses positive or negative territory, but you obviously can pick up more points by using patterns in advance of CCI going in certain direction, at least thats how I read it!
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CM what feed are you using? IB?

ESTX50-200212-DTB is what you need for December, but you will have to have paid your 8E.

MyTrack should work OK with FE`Z. I can send you a copy of my data file if you like?
It's MyTrack feed. During the day I get fez delayed, but this morning all I get is a blank screen. Yes the data would be cool, then I can spend the rest of the day figuring what to do with it instead of working :)