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I will be trading breakouts, the instruments or the time frame I am trading are not that important. What is important is that I cut my losers and let my winners run. Trade with the direction of the trend and never fade the trend. Cut my risk during losing periods. Stick to the plan even after 10 or more losers in a row.

Here are the system back test results for the first six months of 2013.


The profit factor is about 1.8.
The win % is about 43%.
There are approximately 170 signals per year.

Trading results are probabilistically distributed. And also depend on market conditions. Breakout systems tend to do better during volatile times. Over any year, the profit factor will be between 0 and 3. It could be even be negative but lets hope that doesn't happen. The win rate could be anywhere between 35% and 50%. Lets hope market conditions are favourable to the system.

I will report the results of the second half of the year going forward on a monthly basis.


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