Tradestation 2000i and the IB feed


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Does anyone have any experience good or bad with running TS2000i from the IB feed using Dynastore LE for IB.

This strikes me as an economical way for a person wishing to trade a limited number of instruments to obtain some of the benefits offered by TS and maximise the use of IB in the same way as Sierra does.

I introduce the topic as I have no experience of TS or Dynastore & this may be an opportunity for some to benefit


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Hi Rognvald, i tried the demo version and it worked fine but alot of screen flicker and was hard to put trend lines on etc. i now use and works fine, they do a demo version but only allows 2 instruments but works well.

Regards Mark


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Yep, Hypertrader lite is good.

Problem is an intraday history feed.

Hquote pro will provide history for a nominal payment but I'm yet to find a realistic way of getting the data into TS.

Anyone have any suggestions?


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Online Downloader - for intraday data..

Levil, Rog.

This is simply solved by using the online downloader that is also FREE from

I use it with the DTN's IQFeed, but in case you don't have a service provider then they also have

A history plug-in...

Good luck.


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Ronald I believe the IB utility that you referred to in the first post only provides real time data and NOT historical data. I am pretty sure that there is a FREE util available that will also allow you to do this although I have not used it. Have a dig around on the IB site or on




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I have purchased the Dynastore LE data link that should stream data from IB to the Global Server. The Dynastore documentation on how to install the software is good.

However, I have not been able to find anything that documents how to create/add symbols. The Dynastore help page is 404.

Can anyone provide a few examples, i.e., how to add the information for the eMini S&P?

Any help would be appreciated.

The Oz

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Hypertrader's website seems to be abandoned... and they won't answer my emails either.

Is there any way to get IB real time data into ProSuite 2000i?

Either through alternative software or if someone would be able to pass my way their old copy of HyperServer I would be truly grateful!


The Oz

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No luck!

I currently am trying out eSignal but since I already do my trading through IB; it would be more economical if I could use their data feed as well.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.


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I try to download hyperser lite but it seems that their server is down. Could someone send me installation file?
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