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Got mine yesterday....i like keep getting free copies. where's the helen Q article? and on a totally diffrent subject, anyone heard of a direct access broker called xoom trades? any experiences with them?, ta
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I got my free copy yesterday too.

Just as well I didn't subscribe as I can get it all for free!!

Anyone know of a free Spreadbetting Company with free spreads!!


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FREE!!! Did you say FREE!!!!!?

How can i get it then?



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Can someone PM me there phone number... in fact, no harm just posting it here...
Maybe if I put on a vince stanzione type of voice, they may just send it to me..... ;)
....for FREE of course.... better bother them than anyone here....


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You lot are lucky - I still haven't got my (paid for) copy!


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There's the lesson then, don't subscribe to this magazine! I got a free copy this week too, I'm sure that the free trial must have ended by now!


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I subscribed too and haven't got mine yet. They have probably run out what with sending multiple copies out as freebies!

I think the magazine is good but they really must get their subscriptions/ mailing lists sorted or they will end up going bust at this rate.

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Hi all

As yet I've only got 1 copy :confused:
It doesn't make a difference the number they give away as it all goes towards the subscriptions figures, which means they can charge more for the advertising :rolleyes:


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I have got another free copy - this is too much!!

I wish my trades would double each time like this- now that would be great.

Anyone want it let me know- as I can only read one copy at a time.
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