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Anyone received another two copies of traders magazine this month.

I think someone must like me alot.

Thanks I do appreciate free things but one copy would do nicely.
I think that i must be really liked because i dont subscribe and i get a copy :)

Thank you traders.... keep up the good work!
I subscribed on the 9 issues for £30 offer.
I haven't had mine yet.
perhaps thats the key !!
have to dash your theory - I subscribed as well, and 3 copies arrived this morning.

I think the third copy belongs to Reynard!

Could you make sure he gets it.
I got 3 copies in the post today as well; so who does my third copy belong to? Seriously, whoever PM's their address to me, I'll forward a copy F.O.C. - i.e. postage. (2nd copy is already spoken for) First come, first served basis. Happy trading all.
I'm feeling left out! I had two copies of the first two issues (courtesy of Fins and Global Investor), but since then nowt. :(
DaveJB & rglenn,

okay, I jumped the gun.
the Law of Sod reigns as ever.
I got home last night and there were 3 copies on the mat.
What are Traders-mag playing at?

As I remember, I had to confirm I wanted further copies via their website,
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Just had a quick look at their website, the mag sounds interesting, what do you subscribers think about it ? Is it worth the £30 for nine issues ?


Although it's a german magazine, it does fill a big gap in
traders literature, imo
I wish it every success.
But they will have to have more intellectually stimulating articles
than those produced by John Bartlett and Clem Chambers.
They are so poor , they are little more than advertising.
Some of the articles are on basic principles, but then isn't this what beginners would want?
perhaps they could include both basic and more advanced stuff.
with all the freebie copies, they're obviously testing the uk market.
we should give em a fair shot.
after all, they are asking for feedback at the website.
get your wallets out you lot, before they throw in the towel !
on page 14 under futures it says on ftse 100 one futures contract of £10 or a £39000 position. What does this mean? It is a bit frightening amount. Please explain. Thanks

It's simply the contract value multiplied by the index value, therefore if the position was £39,000, and a single £10 contract was being traded, the index value would be 3,900.

A current position with a single contract would be valued at circa £41,000.

Hope this answers your question.
I guess ftse future was at 3900 at the time.

its the capital value of one contract .
Its all a bit arcane.

If it was a sugar futures then when the contract expires
you would have to deliver several tons of sugar for the unit
price at expiry.
With ftse, its the same but its a cash commodity.
You have to deliver £39,000 at expiry if you were long.

Which is a load of round objects but it does give you a useful
measure if you are hedging options or a portfolio.
I have also subscribed and got two copies on my doormat yesterday! Thats fine with me as long as they don't ask for another 30 quid!!

The mag is probably worth it. The most interesting bit is where they feature successful traders in a q&a type interview imo.