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Hi all,

I'd be really grateful if the presenters could put links to their presenations on this thread. If you need webspace to upload to let me know.

Hi all,

Sorry for the delay - hectic week and all. A word to anyone downloading this presentation who did not attend this talk on the Trader's Day: Very much at your own risk - much of it may not hang together without the background of the talk.

In addition, i thought it worth mentioning some reading - something i left out on the day. The three best-known are:

Alexander Elder - Trading for a Living. This book includes ideas on capital risk management and there's also a long section on TA. Alexander is a psychiatrist and a trader by profession, so this gives an added dimension. 1993.

Mark Douglas - The Disciplined Trader A well thought out set of ideas. This book has become something of a classic, and for good reason. Still highly relevant despite the date. 1990.

Mark Douglas - Trading in the Zone Again, just as good as his previous book, but in a way disappointing as there are only a few new ideas. 2000.

I strongly recommend anyone serious about their trading to buy one of these at least. I regard it to be as fundamental to a trader's library as JJM's Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets

To download my presentation, click here
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