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I still stand by what I said much earlier in this discussion - yes it is possible to make a monster return on 1K or 5K - but only if you don't mind losing the 1K or 5K and having to start all over again with another 1K or 5K you happen to have lying around.
to all concerned

1) are you telling me you dont know who randy mckay and michael marcus are ? now , youre either trying to be funny or genuinely naive . either way youd better get clued up, otherwise what you are suggesting may be defamatory , since both figures come from the first 2 market wizard books by jack schwager . i hope for your sake youve heard of these books.

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I've never heard of them , and I'm not trying to be funny, so I guess I'm just naive.

The rest of your post has been deleted. This is your final warning. No more personal attacks. This board is for the benefit of all' the exchange of ideas, constructive criticism and argument, put in a balanced and professional way.
If you are not prepared to adhere to these guidelines, then please don't post again.
razor girl,

im sorry to dissapoint you , but ive done it and i never even came close to losing the initial stake . then again we believe what we chose to believe .

always ,

streetwise, so have I - the point was about levels of risk not about actual levels of drawdown. Unless position sizes are kept very small there is always the risk of getting stuffed if something exceptional happens - and I am not just talking September 11th type stuff or overnight events. I remember having just gone long on AZN and was setting up my stop order when a piece of unexpected adverse news came out and it plummeted a couple of hundred points in a few minutes :eek: , luckily I reacted fast enough to reverse and came out net only minus 9 points :) , but the loss on the original leg of the trade was over 10 times the normal level of loss I would take on a loser - and if I had been away from the screen for a minute or two and taken into the position by a stop or limit order I would not have been able to recover in the way I did. (And of course, even if I had had a stop in, guess what sort of fill I would have got). The risk of this type of event may not be especially large but in the case of someone who cannot afford to lose their 1K or 5K, position size has to be limited so that in the event of a 10x normal size loss, it doesn't leave them with too little capital to carry on. I was lucky (as well as skilful) with that AZN situation, you were lucky (as well as skilful) when you started out, but not everyone can be, and if all you have is the 1K you start trading with, you can't afford to take that kind of risk. don't post on another BB under the name "blackday", I suppose?
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What's the fuss? This is a nice place where people chat and exchange ideas and information. Some of the members here are also pretty experienced traders. What's your fuss about? We don't like to read that kind of stuff you are writing, we respect each other and others who respect other people.
Cheers! ;)
BeM said:
This is a nice place where people chat and exchange ideas and information. Some of the members here are also pretty experienced traders. What's your fuss about? We don't like to read that kind of stuff you are writing, we respect each other and others who respect other people.
Cheers! ;)

BeM you are so right.Havent we seen these type of people come on the board before make a fuss,never offer anything but aggression, take a side swipe at us all then disappear ito oblivion.The great thing about this site is that we respect each others style of trading,listen to what others say,sometimes fall out,but patch it up and most of all post interesting articles and comments that are worth reading.

Hey, i daily traded side by side with a true megastar US trader worth millions made from the markets,he kept himself to himself,you would never find him making a song and dance about things he just got on and made money.But his quiet reflections and ideas were worth waiting for and listening to.
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Streetwise - a couple of "pearls" from people I have met and for whom I have had a lot of time.

Firstly, never make an enemy of someone you could have made a friend.

Secondly, I once heard a friend from Saudi say to someone who was giving him a hard time that the Arabs have a saying that broadly translates as "lower your voice and strengthen your argument".

Whether you like it or not, this is a community of friends who respect each other for who they are. We don't always agree with each other, and when that happens we say so and make our case - that is the nature of mature debate. But we respect the views of those with whom we disagree. We do so politely, making our case for an alternative point of view and without attacking the personal integrity of the individual, and in doing so we all learn something, whether we are actively participating or not. We remain friends. And surely you would agree that there is more than one way to trade successfully, and what works for you will not necessarily work for someone else, and vice versa.

This is a medium where, in the absence of visual clues, it is very easy to give the wrong impression, when the same thing said in a "face to face" situation would give no offence. likewise, it is too easy to say something to someone on a BB that we would not dream of saying to them directly, and we need to keep that in mind before firing off a broadside.
Hopefully, mr. Streetwise has made his point, and found no takers and will, as he says, not return. I replied on the SB bb ad made the comment similar to the Arab one, "those that shout the loudest have the most to hide".
Skimbleshanks has removed this post because it contains swear words, and is an unwarranted personal attack on a poster here together with a threat.

THIS IS A WARNING STREETWISE - your postings are offensive, crude, vulgar and are intended to cause trouble, therefore I respectfully request you to have the common sense and decency to amend your childish behaviour, or to leave and cause trouble elsewhere.

Every one of your posts has had to be edited, so anyone reading this will need to remember that the content there now is not the original content about which many people have complained.

You also promised that you would not come back, and you have. Therefore you are also a liar.

Oh, and no doubt you will also now direct your threats to me as well as Chartman.

May i make a suggestion ? Either you delete everything he's posted or you leave everything as was , otherwise it looks like you've selectively censored him , which makes him look like he's right .

you wouldn't want him to say ' see i told you guys so , they only let you post if you agree with the modulators ' , would you ?

Just a thought ,

Agree or disagree,strong arguments, or loud statements no problem. To be verbally abused, etc.etc. I am not prepared to tolerate. He was asked politely, he was warned, I replied to him on and still he takes no notice. There are compliaints on that BB that the members are walking away and it doesn't take an Einstein to work out why. Selective deletions have been my decision and mine alone. I do not want this BB destroyed by one person. I respectfully ask you all to ignore any comment he may make, however goading they may be.
I trust that in the end, common sense will prevail amongst our regular members.
Absolutely agree ChartMan, you have my full support and I can tell you the individual in question has now had his membership revoked - not a step I take lightly. I am a great believer in freedom of speech but clearly streewise overstepped the mark having been given the benfit of the doubt.

This has become an excellent thread made possible by the contributions of those members who haven taken the trouble to answer our questions, we owe it to them to put a stop to anyone who clearly seeks to disrupt an otherwise valuable debate - I consider the matter over and done with.

Now lets get back to more intelligent debate!