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FWIW I agree completely with you guys, so many BBs are ruined by the behaviour of a small number of individuals behaving unreasonably and aggressively. If you can't be civil go find yourself another playground to swagger around.
Maintaining control and acting quickly and decisively is what management is all about - not to mention justice.
Well done chartman and skimbleshanks
Call me old fashioned, but I'm not prepared to see the women on this BB abused. Or any other member for that matter. Where someone's nickname does not indicate their ***, that puts the person at risk from "mis-identification" and therefore may be the recipient of some misguided comments. Helen, however, cannot be misread as to her gender. :) I will reiterate Shark'y comments- this BB is a free for all for those that wish to contribute in a positive or negative way. No one has the exclusive claim to be right and because of that, we all benefit. Believe it or not, I am probably one of the greatest readers on this BB and take notice of what everyone says on all matters. How else is one supposed to obtain knowledge and experience? I take only a very small credit for the success of this BB as all the credit is distributed among all our members. I will, however, take all the responsibility for ensuring its continued success, along with the other moderators.
New Trader Q&A

Well unfortunately this thread went off-topic for a short while, but I'm very happy to get things back on track with a brand new Q&A - this time with John Bartleet, who many of you will recognise as John B on this site.

John's been spread betting for about 4 years and specialises in trading US shares. He runs his own website called which is focused on spread betting shares and financial futures. As well as hosting workshops, he is about to launch a new CD-based beginners course on spread betting.

Thanks John for taking the time out to answer our questions.

As always the Q&A's are listed on the front page of T2W, but you can go straight to the interview here:
This month's Q&A is with one of the UK's leading market commentator Alpesh Patel.

As well as being a bestselling author, FT journalist and television presenter (who trained as a barrister-at-law), he has extensive experience of both the UK and US derivatives and stock markets and holds equities in the UK, India, France and the USA.

Alpesh started buying stocks from the age of twelve, moving on from privatisation stocks to penny shares. Today he concentrates on US and UK stocks as well as futures and options trading, making extensive use of the Internet for research and combining this with his own technical analysis systems.

We'd like to thank Alpesh for taking the time out of his busy schedule to answer our questions.

As always the Q&A's are listed on the front page of T2W, but you can go straight to the interview here:
Quickest way to make $1m

The quickest way to make $1 million is the markets is
... to start with $2 million.

Or is it? :?:

I am currently re-reading the Market Wizards and I am once again motivated by what I read. In fact, I'll be buying the third installment of the Wizards shortly.

So these guys (and a few gals) have made bucketloads from the markets: all are money mangers, managing funds in excess of their own. All have passion. All have very strong risk management. Most have great market timing. All have an edge.

Almost all of them have blown up in their early days.

All of them allude to the statistic that 95% of new traders WILL LOSE money. That money gets distributed among the 5%.
Of that 5% it has to be said that 1-1.5% are the brokers and intermediaries, but of the rest there must be some serious money makers.

It's been a couple of months since our last interview with Alpesh Patel, but to make amends we've got two new interviews added to the site.

First off is Genti a part time swing trader for the last two years. He trades CFDs with Deal4Free using his own point and figure charts in excel. Secondly Tasos, a trader for 8 years and full-time for the last 2.5 years. Tasos trades Currencies, UK stocks and occasionally the Dow and S&P with Interactive Brokers and Saxo Bank, having started working for an FX traidng firm he now trades for himself at home.

As always you can access the interviews from the front page of T2W, or go straight to them here:

Genti Interview

Tasos Interview
And a few months later we have our next interviewee - this time a Q&A with Joe Ross which coincides with the addition of his series of Electronic Trading TNT Books into the T2W store.

Please click here to read the Joe Ross Interview

For those not already familiar with Joe Ross, here's a brief biography about him:

Joe Ross began his trading career in the commodity futures markets in 1957. Since then Joe Ross has been a trader, author, educator, and businessman.

In 1982, when it became possible to daytrade the S&P 500 stock index futures via a live data feed, he successfully made the transition from full-time position trader to full-time daytrader.

In 1988, Joe formed Trading Educators to train aspiring traders in the futures, bonds, and currency markets. Since 1988, Joe has written seven major texts on futures trading. In 1989, in addition to private tutoring, Joe began giving seminars and writing Trader’s Notebook, a teaching newsletter to keep his students apprised of new trading techniques and global situations that can affect the markets.

Although Joe’s career has centred mostly on futures trading, and in recent years more particularly on day trading stock index futures and on spread trading, he has also been a successful trader in the stock market and has written four books on electronic stock trading. In fact, many active and successful stock market traders have used Joe’s books and methods on their way to becoming profitable. As Joe likes to say, “A market is a market, and a chart is a chart. Given those two and a way to enter an order, a trader should be able to earn his money.”

Joe holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of California at Los Angeles. He did his Masters work in Computer Sciences at the George Washington University extension in Norfolk, Virginia.

Joe still tutors, teaches, writes, and trades regularly.