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Long time lurker, first time poster..

Anyway, I'm a STIR trader based somewhere in London. Without going into too much detail, I'm considering a move to Stockholm due to reasons of... shall we say, passion. :cool:

So I know about Tower Trading. I've heard they like their STIRs a lot, which is good, as so do I. But what I don't know is what their Stockholm office is like? Location/facilities/connectivity? Does it even exist? I wouldn't particularly want to end up among a bunch of Swedish small-cap equity traders (for instance), as I quite like the idea of sharing thoughts and trading ideas with my colleagues. Basically, anyone know anything?

I do realise my best course of action would be asking TTG themselves, however I am painfully aware of the incestuous nature of this occupation. It's a very small world indeed, and as I'm sure you'll understand I'd like to keep my considerations to myself for the time being.

Cheers chaps,
Mr. B


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No one knows anything? I've managed to find out that their offices, if they even exist (I'm a bit sceptical at this point) used to be those of an outfit called GHKapital... who seem to be completely erased off the surface of the earth. I found their site on the Waybackmachine (, but that's about it.

Yes, yes, I know, I should e-mail or call them myself, but as I said I'm quite keen to remain anonymous for the time being. Help a brother out!


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