TMF Social 4th September


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Hi all,

It will be at the usual venue The Green Man Pub opposite Gt Portland Street tube on Wednesday 4th September 7ish.

I'm not 100% certain I will be there yet but it's a very strong possibility. Anyone up for a drink?

If you haven't been before it's a very informal and friendly event.
Ok so who else is coming?

I'm going, so is Chartman and Marathonchap. Anyone else? Don't be shy :)
How did it go?? Did you make it Helen? I would have like to come along, but I was at a middle-eastern restaurant called Tas in London Bridge (apparently there a few of them around) yesterday evening. Very nice it was too! I think they won Time Out's Best Vegetarian Restaurant in London 2000 - for those of you who like recommendations!
Hi Sharky,

Pity you didn't come. It was actually a very busy night. Not many traders, maybe half a dozen, but plenty of the usual TMF LTBH types. About 60 people there I would guess. Was TMFs 5th birthday bash.

Do you think you will make the next traders day? 11 th Jan?

Could you put details in the next T2W newsletter?

For sure! And I'll certainly put the word round in the newsletter - and there's still the T2W xmas bash to plan. It's a few months away, but it's come around again pretty quickly. Horah! Another photo opportunity! ;)